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My passion for dance grew up from the chilly concrete of Nona Beamer’s lanai underfoot during my hula lessons, which warmed up the longer I stood in one spot, slowly shifting my weight from foot to foot, watching a rooster fluff away raindrops from a typical tropical sun shower.  From the precision thrills of jazz to the ebullience of salsa, I moved to live, wrote to understand, and breathed to get by.  Belly dance found me in 2001, and, after curiosity deepened into obsession, I began singing Middle Eastern and world fusion music for other dancers.

The Enrichment Project blossomed out of a personal yearning to explore my own creative potential.  In 2010, a group of women agreed to answer my curious questions for a year. Across the many intervening years, our understanding of creativity morphed: from noun to verb, from dance and circus stages to the radical rituals that alter and infuse our daily lives.

An intense career built largely around training and program management influenced the naming of this Enrichment Project; dual degrees in Literature and Philosophy predispose me to asking questions and writing about them. These Enrichment stories are the sorts of re-minders that need re-membering, and polishing them up revealed seven Touchstones, which, if picked up daily, help me follow my insatiable curiosity, my desire to connect diverse communities, and my innate and creative drive to make sense from chaos.

A natural and compelling speaker and instructor– who has taught everywhere from the boardroom to the ballroom to Burning Man– my writing has been featured in past editions of dance publications like Fuse and D-Quad, and, besides my Enrichment musings, I contribute to industry thought leadership on cybersecurity and privacy by tackling topics like trust.

Blessed by a chef-magician of a husband, two kittens living up to their respective monikers of Dangermouse and Bill Purray, and some sacred space to call home in Atlanta, I’m grateful to be alive and dance whenever I’ve the chance.  (I’m especially fond of those 45 seconds alone in an elevator.)

About The Enrichment Project Author, Christy Smith
The Enrichment Project Author Christy Smith
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  1. I love reading your posts Christy. Although I no longer get to attend dance classes, it was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to know you and learn from you and dance along with you. You are an incredible lady and those times I will always have a special place in my heart. I look forward to reading more of your articles!

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