About the Enrichment Project

Just hearing how another woman has used her creativity inspires me towards using what’s in my own toolbox.

Baraka Elihu, psychotherapist + writer at Hold Sacred Space, and Enrichment Participant

Actually, readers don’t need to know anything about me. This will be more about the story of their lives. What inspiration they take, the practices they enhance.

Amanda Mahde, dancer and choreographer with Momentum Dance Labs

If someone feels they’ve been stuck in a box, maybe they’ll read this and see it doesn’t need to be an either/or. Hopefully, someone struggling will find the courage to do something with her passion, to write her story and know it’s creative. To win that creativity, daily. Maybe some accountant, some spreadsheet-lover, will read this and see that she ‘is too’ creative.

DeAnna Freeman, American Tribal Style® Belly ​Dance
and Yoga instructor with Prana Dance Company

Reading about how women survive and thrive is inspirational to me. These things are simply not taught or discussed enough, and there’s an overwhelming need to discuss them in all areas.

Heidi Hernandez, choreographer, instructor, dancer, and consultant

I feel like I got a sneak peek into everyone’s boxes of creativity, to see what colors and flavors they used. The crosspollination of the dissimilar. I got lessons in everything. We all did.

Brandy Long, architectural designer, dancer and fire performer with Discordia Arts

Everyone will find someone in this book who could be a mentor.

Natalie Brown, Director of The Phantom Circus

This isn’t about women winning the Nobel; it’s about women winning.

Theresa Teague, freelance tour manager and accountant

I’ve been so moved by the vulnerability in a sister I’d never met face-to-face before. The empowerment in the stories she told.

Jaia Mara, of Jaia Mara Sacred Dance

Power comes from awareness, and being aware makes something beautiful; this project has made me more aware.

Kate Sisson, of Kate Sisson Acupuncture

About Radical Ritual Tarot

It was a very positive uplifting experience. I thought your support, help, and advice were super helpful.

Brian M.

I was fortunate to receive a reading from Christy Smith last summer and it was an experience that both awakened my spirit and refreshed my outlook on life. Christy put me at ease the entire time and afterwards I left with a new appreciation for aspects of life I had previously dismissed or buried. Months later I still find myself utilizing some of the things that we talked about and am appreciative that I decided to try something new.

Shannon B.