Who I am is the price I paid to get what I used to want
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Who I Am is the Price I Paid to Get What I Used to Want

“What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want,” read the actual words, the shape of the letters communicating that I must have been about nineteen when I painstakingly penciled it into a journal. Pulling this quote out of deep memory storage recently, I paraphrased it, realizing how… Continue reading Who I Am is the Price I Paid to Get What I Used to Want

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The Scent of Bay

The practice of burning bay leaves dates back to Greek times, to the best of my research, and it's believed to be one of the herbs burned for the Oracle at Delphi as she entered trances for temple visitors. Doug and I visited Delphi on our honeymoon in 2003, and so this scent is now indelibly overlaid with image of the olive trees that dot Delphi's landscape.

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How Did the Enrichment Project Begin?

In 2010, I harbored this vague Desire to enrich my life in some way. I was anything but Present, describing my creative process as "assembly-line-like." I was distinctly out of Balance, possessing scant insight into my own patterns. And so I contacted a Circle of women, asking to pester them for a year with questions about their creative processes.

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Our Inspiration Conversation Winner

The conversations that this contest initiated have already dumped magic all over my days.  (And nights.) From feeling into my worth as a quantum being, to reconnecting with my raw journaled truths.  From sassy spicy book clubs, to courting dream time visions and blowing bubbles and taking long, luxurious showers.  Dusting up my hands with… Continue reading Our Inspiration Conversation Winner

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Start an Inspiration Conversation!

If you share with me one of your creative practices-- how you get inspired, how you keep going when the going gets tough-- I will enter your name in a drawing to win a seat in the 2016 Birthing Ourselves into Being program.

A Book's Skeleton
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I've grown familiar with the human skeleton over the last 10 years; this book, however, has been a completely unknown animal.  Until Sunday night. A week and a half ago, I began outlining the basic structure across the floor, but I had not held or transcribed over half of the interviews.  Last weekend, I finished… Continue reading Skeletons

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So Much Sticky

My head tells me to begin this project with a solid thesis statement, topic sentences.  I ought to know my conclusion beforehand. And yet, this time, I don't. I'm trumping tradition by writing the middle sections first, observing how they hang together, with plans to add the opening and ending as if I were wrapping… Continue reading So Much Sticky