The Enrichment Circle: Natalie Natalie: Compassionate Queen of Misfit Toys I observed Natalie, watching a hafla afterparty in full swing. She'd just performed, and her kohl-rimmed eyes were still blazing, framed by a large feathered headdress. Natalie is accomplished, innovative, articulate, prolific, opinionated, and intense. And in that moment, she terrified me. I sidled up to her, trying… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Natalie

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Sitting in Circle with my Shadow Shes She Who Compares, competes . . . What does she need? As the Enrichment investigations moved offstage, I spent countless hours journaling about my own inner workings, my own mysteries. What prevents me from being creative? Why do I struggle so mightily-- usually with the voices in my own head-- over naming myself creative?… Continue reading Sitting in Circle with my Shadow Shes


The Enrichment Circle: Jaia A hug from Jaia is a thing of wonder. She waits, listens, heart-to-heart, until your breathing begins to synchronize. She invites you to be present in the moment, with another human being, with yourself. One of Jaia's superpowers is being able to create a patch of sacred space anywhere. She loves powerful places in… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Jaia

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Who has their shit together *all* the time?

You may think of me as someone who has her shit together. Corporate job. Amazing marriage. World travel. Oodles of time to create. It may surprise you to learn how much I struggle from day to day and breath to breath, because, apart from asking the universe for a good bad joke when life gets… Continue reading Who has their shit together *all* the time?

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Stitch and Bitch

A few weekends ago, my dear friend Melissa convened a Stitch and Bitch gathering at her house. Jenny, Theresa, and I packed up our sewing and craft projects-- and a few bottles of prosecco!-- before heading to her house. We were only missing one of our charter members, Jenn, who's left Atlanta for her home… Continue reading Stitch and Bitch

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Creating Radical Rituals

At Burning Man in 2017, I found myself reading Tarot cards as a part of Circus Combustus. Our camp sat next to the Esplanade, the main inner road that rings the temporary city in the middle of Nevada's Black Rock Desert. All sorts of people wandered through our behind-the-scenes peek into the circus, and some… Continue reading Creating Radical Rituals


Sister Circle Necklaces

Whenever our Sister Circle gathers, we are often treated to handmade necklaces by Jaidra DuRant to mark the occasion. Jaidra uses semi-precious stones, intricate copper wire wrapping, hand-stamped and glazed clay pieces, and leather to create warm, earthy, one-of-a-kind pieces. You can support The Enrichment Project by taking home one of these lovingly-crafted pieces. All… Continue reading Sister Circle Necklaces