Burning a Bay LEaf, Radical Ritual

The Scent of Bay

https://youtu.be/WT70d7rPxAk Sparks and Embers My husband Doug is a chef, and kitchen smells are just what home and heart mean to me. And I have a childhood affinity to French food, which predisposes me towards the herbal taste of bay. When I discovered the practice of burning the fragrant leaves, which spark and sparkle their… Continue reading The Scent of Bay

Amanda, Shape of the Day, The Enrichment Circle

The Enrichment Circle: Amanda

https://youtu.be/4U4DjO89I1c Amanda's Shapes of the Day When Amanda pins you with her piercing dark eyes, there's simply no looking away. If Amanda had a fragrance, a friend reveals it would be clove, jasmine, and cedar wood: Amanda's energy does seem to waft out around her, wooded and deep. Amanda is attuned to all the energies that… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Amanda