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Creativity Salons

Where do creative projects begin, and how is creativity sustained day-to-day and breath-to-breath? How do creative practices differ from person to person?

Are you masterminding an event or planning a retreat? Looking to spark innovation in the workplace? Or maybe you’re seeking to celebrate life’s transitions– from coming of age, to an engagement, to a family reunion.

To support The Enrichment Project, I am offering the facilitation and/or participation in a custom-designed creativity panel. I like to call them “Creativity Salons,” after the intellectual gatherings that made such an impact on European creativity and culture in the era of the Enlightenment.

This offering incorporates the richness of multiple perspectives with an open question and answer format, and can take many forms, from straight facilitation of an event panel, to inclusion of other members of the Enrichment Circle, to creating a more intimate Circle of participants who are given equal time for expression.

Teejei, Christy, and Jaia During a Creativity Salon

Facilitation can be woven in with loosely-structured time to explore creative pursuits and network, before returning to the Circle. If desired, pre- and post-work exercises and journal prompts can be offered to emphasize the theme of the event.

Face-to-face facilitation does pose geographical restrictions; however, I can also design flexible panels to include participants from all over the globe. All event participants will receive a soft copy of three sample chapters from The Enrichment Project: Radical Rituals in Creative Living.

Let’s collaborate to structure and schedule something magnificent!

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