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How Did the Enrichment Project Begin?

Enrichment Origins

In 2010, I harbored this vague Desire to enrich my life in some way.  I was anything but Present, describing my creative process as “assembly-line-like.”  I was distinctly out of Balance, possessing scant insight into my own patterns.  And so I contacted a Circle of women, asking to pester them for a year with questions about their creative processes.

Some of the women were already close friends, but others had never met before. Every month, I’d post a question and a challenge in an online forum, and our exchanges fed our own individual evolutions.

With astounding hubris, I assumed at the end of this first year that I’d write a meaningful thank you, choreograph something phenomenal, and move on, having “figured out” this creativity thing.  Instead, I found myself exploring Compassion and Spirit, plagued by more questions than answers, with the nagging sensation that I was learning WAY more than I bargained for: that creativity is healing, healing is utterly creative, and that the Radical Rituals I was beginning to develop were indeed splashing the black-and-white of my life with more vibrant hues and patterns.  

I began writing to understand this Integration, and, in the process, revolutionized my approach to everything from coping with grief to folding laundry.

What are your Radical Rituals for creative living?

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