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Maintaining Intentions

Recently, I crossed a writing milestone: 40% complete with my rough draft.  I only wish I could calculate how much of that has involved a Siamese fur barnacle purring against my left leg.

And although the velocity of life has dictated that I spend less time riding the keyboard, it rewards me by allowing me to put these principles into action.

I’ve observed myself combining creative skills from the women in this project: Majda’s ability to identify with an audience while improvising, the way Jaia locks on to an emotional home that arrives with a vision’s clarity.  I’m listening more, and some of my questions have an easy depth that elicit surprising responses.

I’ve been blessed with to observe the process Teejei follows while drawing, meticulously incorporating cloud formations from Tibetan iconography into the graphics for this project.  Baraka shared with me the nuances of her own writing process, as she co-creates the second edition of her book Birthing Ourselves Into Being.  And I am attending a weekly women’s circle that is living the Birthing Ourselves curriculum, practicing the fine art of holding space for others.

So, in short, I’ve been reaping rich rewards from the intentions driving this project, and I can’t wait for spring.

Photo Credit: The Dancer’s Eye

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