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My Cats of Creation: Updates and Gratitude

Greetings, dear supporters!

Below the quiet surface of this project, so much has transpired. All thanks to you.

The editing round this campaign funded ended just shy of a month ago when I sent my revisions back to Ali Shaw at Indigo Editing. 

Because you helped me achieve my stretch goal, I engaged Indigo to assist me with the proposal-writing process, and it looks like I’ll begin drafting query letters to agents and publishers before the end of summer. Do you know anyone in the publishing industry? If so, I’d love to make their acquaintance. Serendipity can be such a powerful force.

On the topic of rewards, if your package included sample chapters, I’m thrilled to announce that those will be ready this fall! The colors for Teejei’s gorgeous sigils have just been finalized, with files prepared for printing. I submitted the sticker order this morning, which means the sigil candles won’t be far behind. Please contact me directly about other rewards, like scheduling your tarot session; it’s such a privilege to hold space for you in this way.

For many years, I posted a photo of Tiki or Bamboo any time I managed to squeeze at least a half-hour of writing into my day. Dubbed my Cats of Creation, they chivvied me from bed to writing nook for nearly a decade, where they listened to me read chapters aloud and offered their meeps of approval and salty Siamese commentary. 

We lost Boo in February, halfway through this campaign, and Tiki followed her just a few weeks ago. They’ve been such muses that even their transitions stand out as harbingers of this project’s evolution. Together, they embodied the compassionate persistence it takes to achieve a dream one step, one morning, one sentence at a time.

And so as I close out this missive in gratitude to you for your support, it feels right to shed some light on their roles. As solitary an enterprise as writing can be, I’ve never been alone. 

Me ke aloha pumehana,


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