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Our Inspiration Conversation Winner

The conversations that this contest initiated have already dumped magic all over my days.  (And nights.)

From feeling into my worth as a quantum being, to reconnecting with my raw journaled truths.  From sassy spicy book clubs, to courting dream time visions and blowing bubbles and taking long, luxurious showers.  Dusting up my hands with flour in the kitchen.  Getting my jam on to live music, or just sinking into an ooey gooey playlist.  From downshifting between multiple projects, to witnessing the million shades of maple leaves on the long hill of life.

Twelve women shared some of their innermost inspirations, the paths they pursue when adrift in creative doldrums: Abby, Brandie, Cat, Erin, Heidi, Jaidra, Julie, Lauryn, Majda, Monet, Nancy, and Teejei.  Thank you.

And so, coffee in hand, I reread all of your words this morning as my first act of 2016, brimming over with hope and thanks.


I wrote your names on slips of paper and slipped them into my singing bowl, because as Teejei told me one night, “Gratitude is magic you can wield.”


I sang for awhile, let the bowl do some singing of her own, then closed my eyes to swirl the names about.

I selected one, opened my eyes, and smiled.  The recipient of a seat within the year-long Birthing Ourselves Into Being circle is Monet.  Welcome, sister!


I will burn all of the slips later today, and scatter the ashes in my garden.  May this be symbolic fuel to all your creative fires in 2016!  Sally forth and CREATE!

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