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Practicing Your Creative Pattern: A 3 Question Survey

Basking in the sun yesterday, I began outlining a labyrinth in my front yard, practicing a positive creative pattern in the face of vast changes. A year ago, embarking on the journey toward publication—all thanks to you—I resolved to be patient with however long it might take for these radical rituals in creativity to find their way out into the world. 

But maybe this world can’t wait.

That’s the thought buzzing through my head, anyway, as I catch a whiff of jasmine over the sun-warmed Georgia clay. Maybe these practices can be a comfort and inspiration to others, just as this labyrinth will welcome friends and strangers into dialogue with their best selves.

How would you like to experience the journey?

The medicine of The Enrichment Project was created in a circle. Won’t you help decide the project’s destiny?

Answer a short 3-question survey

Would a podcast or a forum dedicated to practicing creative patterns be more valuable than a printed book right now? How are you practicing your creative pattern? How can I best support you?

Besides this pretty epic labyrinth, I mean. If you’re in the Atlanta area, please stop by whenever you need a moment of zen.

Me ke aloha pumehana,


A Labyrinth Dedicated to Joy
A Labyrinth Dedicated to Joy

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