Radical Ritual Tarot

A Radical Ritual Tarot reading is both a re-minding and a re-membering. Both touchstone and catalyst. Consultation and co-creation.

I began offering Radical Ritual Tarot as deep readings of a single card, paired with the joint creation of a ritual, a way to work through the energy of that card.

Part tarot reading, part support circle, part shamanic journey, part healing, Radical Rituals are deeply informed by my work with the Enrichment Project and are designed around the integration of life’s lessons: the simple and complex, the obvious and subtle, the exquisite and the exquisitely painful.

Radical Rituals recognize the deeper patterns of our lives, the cycles where we may be stuck, the archetypes we hold and encounter. Radical Rituals are for the web weavers, the serendipity seekers, and the truth transcenders. Radical Rituals acknowledge our roles as creators, as storytellers who rewrite our own myths as active participants in the dance of life.

I offer four readings each lunar cycle, with the option to incorporate more support– like a custom-made touchstone bracelet of semi-precious stones– to accelerate your transformation.

Virtual readings are just as effective as in person sessions; I have worked with clients all across the globe using a live video chat service.

Contact me if you have questions about scheduling a session to manifest compassion, purify hope, divine healing, communicate clarity, or whatever intention will best support your own becoming.

You can also go ahead and book a session, and we’ll arrange an in person or virtual time to meet.

Basic Tarot Reading

Schedule a virtual or in person tarot reading of a single card. Readings will be approximately 30 minutes in length and you will receive both a recording of the session and a copy of the card itself. It’s a great introduction to the archetypes of the cards in our lives. 

I began working with the tarot at a very young age, and the cards don’t so much “tell the future” as they unlock questions when I’m stuck, offer guidance when I have a weighty topic to contemplate, and suggest ways for me to identify and work through different patterns in my life.

Basic Tarot readings explore a single archetype in depth

Shamanic Tarot Reading

In addition to everything included with a basic reading, this offering includes a extra journey work to personalize the experience, recruit additional support, and add memorable depth to the reading. Readings can be scheduled in person or remotely. I am offering one Shamanic Tarot Reading a moon cycle, and they are a wonderful way to kickstart your own creative projects. 

Shamanism is an ancient practice of using direct revelations to guide and heal a community.  I don’t claim the title of shaman, but I am trained in using shamanic journeying techniques, including Akashic records readings, to bring back additional intelligence to augment a reading.  Journeying enriches the reading and the guidance given.

Shamanic Tarot readings add depth through journey work

Radical Ritual Tarot Reading

Fully supported tarot reading that includes shamanic journeying, a copy of your card, plus custom hand-painted jar, gemstone bracelet, and hand-watercolored card with a summary of the gemstone’s qualities. These offerings unite to re-mind and help you re-member the Radical Ritual we design together.

I work with two gemstones per moon cycle. The beads sit on my altar, absorb the light of the full moon, and participate in any work I do that cycle: just waiting for you! This is my absolute favorite way to work with these archetypal energies.

The tarot asks us to confront uncomfortable and challenging truths sometimes; working through these energies can be taxing.  The tarot also asks us to celebrate the daring and richness of life; we are often more ill-equipped to encounter joy than we are sorrow.  A full Radical Ritual offers you all the insight and wisdom of a shamanic reading with the tools and support for working through that energy on a day-to-day, and often breath-by-breath, basis.

This will not be a reading you forget.

Radical Ritual Tarot readings offer all the support you need to work through the energies of a card
Touchstone bracelets are customized with additional gemstones and a divination charm chosen during the reading