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Winter, rainy weather, long hours typing…all these things dry my skin and inflame my joints. To combat this, I’ve begun crafting my own arnica– and sage-based creams to moisturize the surface and soothe down to the bone.

After filling large mason jars with dried arnica flowers and sage leaves, I top them off with a blend of oils like almond and olive. The jars sit in simmering water for four to six hours before I let them cool and strain off the oil.

Next, I blend the infused oils with coconut oil and beeswax in a double boiler, adding a few drops of essential oils to add to the experience. My last batch of arnica cream was heavy on the beeswax and came out with more of a balm-like consistency. This time, I tweaked the recipe to get a creamier consistency that glides on.

You can choose from three fragrances:

  • Balance Arnica Cream: With additional sage and clary sage essential oils, this cream is a reminder to take care of your body in the midst of a busy day. Clary sage is a mood stabilizer, especially when hormones are peaking, which makes it a kindness for cramping.
  • Peppermint Feet Arnica Cream: My husband spends most of his days on his feet, and there is nothing quite like peppermint to rejuvenate the soles and the souls of hardworking folks. This is an excellent gift for dancers.
  • Sweet Dreams Arnica Cream: I love treating my hands just before I go to bed, and this blend boasts relaxing lavender and dream-inspiring ylang-ylang essential oils. The boost of arnica goes to work on wrists and knuckles aching from hours at a computer.

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Arnica Cream Fragrance

Balance, Peppermint, Sweet Dreams


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