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A salt scrub helps detox, exfoliate, and relax. This is probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve abandoned myself to a full day of blending them, and I was inspired this time by a text message from a dear friend. He had just treated himself to the last grains in his jar of “Koala Bait” from my very first batch.

I still hand-infuse arnica and sage oils, which is about an eight-hour process end-to-end. While the oils simmer, I’m blending boxes of salt with essential oils and other treats. I drizzle the oils in last, giving them a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory touch.

You can choose from five fragrances:

  • Pure Sage: Purify with this one-note blend of sage-infused oil, sage essential oil, and finely shredded sage leaves with kosher salt.
  • Compassion: Be kind with this relaxing one-note blend of lavender essential oil with healing arnica oil, lavender blossoms, kosher salt and some rare black lava salt.
  • Cacao: Tell a bad day to “cacao” with this deliciously-fragrant blend of ylang-ylang, vanilla, lavender, and cacao essential oils with a topping of arnica-infused oil to comfort the day’s sting.
  • Smoked Citrus: With a heavy dose of grapefruit essential oil and sage-infused oil, this scrub features pure kosher salt, pink Himalayan salt, and smoked alder salt. It’s witchy, woodsy, and refreshing.
  • Beach Holiday Salt Scrub: With tropical notes like awapuhi, seaweed, and lemongrass, this kosher salt blend will have you dreaming of surf and sand. Poppy seeds add an extra exfoliant.

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Salt Scrub Fragrances

Pure Sage, Compassion, Cacao, Smoked Citrus, Beach Holiday


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