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I’ve crafted my own incense blends for years, but I have always tossed some herbs and resins on the brazier in the moment. But studying The Master Book of Herbalism over the last few years, I became inspired to imbue my blends with a little more intention.

These incense blends were conceived on a new moon, ground on the full, and packaged on the next new moon.

While I would love my house to smell like one of these at all times, I’m equally delighted to share their magic with you. Choose from one of the following, which will arrive in a small, airtight glass jar.

  • Desire: Woody and deep with dragon’s blood and patchouli, the tang of rose hips, and spiced with the longing of vanilla and peppercorns
  • Presence: Cleansing with a bright opening note of bay and thyme that’s grounded by passionflower and dragon’s blood, mellowing into palo santo’s caress
  • Balance: This is kitchen love and determination, with purifying sage and an herbal balance of white willow and oregano that sneaks up on you, hand-in-hand with star anise and passionflower
  • Circle: Sparking and crackling, rosemary and orange peel open the door to welcome and sage you, with homey inclusions of clove and frankincense
  • Compassion: No rose lasts forever, and this blend reminds you that seizing the day can also take the form of self-care, a bath, and a nap. China rose, jasmine, rose hips, lavender, and patchouli.
  • Spirit: This fragrance sets my scalp a-tingle with smoky myrrh and mugwort encircling lavender, clove, and palo santo – perfect for capnomancy
  • Integration: The sweetness of jasmine opens into familiar notes of bay and marjoram, building to the holy and heart-awakening scent of frankincense and myrrh

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Desire, Presence, Balance, Circle, Compassion, Spirit, Integration


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