Shamanic Tarot Reading


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Schedule an in person or virtual tarot reading of a single card that goes beyond the basics. This offering includes a extra shamanic journey work to personalize the experience, recruit additional support, and add memorable depth to the reading. Readings will be approximately 60 minutes in length and you will receive both a recording of the session and a copy of the card itself. They are a wonderful way to kickstart your own creative projects.

Shamanism is an ancient practice of using direct revelations to guide and heal a community.  I don’t claim the title of shaman, but I am trained in using shamanic journeying techniques, including Akashic records readings, to bring back additional intelligence to augment a reading.  Journeying enriches the reading and the guidance given.


  • 60 minute Tarot reading
  • 1 shamanic journey
  • 1 tarot card
  • 1 recording of our reading
  • 1 divination charm on lobster clasp
  • Hands-on or distance energy work

You can learn more about my approach to the tarot here. We will work together to find a mutually convenient time to meet; if your preference is to meet in-person, please choose local delivery for your card.

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