Touchstone Bracelet


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Each Touchstone bracelet is a limited edition, using gemstones on a stretch cord. Touchstones are physical reminders of the intentions we hold dear. I work with a series of stones over the course of the year, and they sit for a full moon cycle on my altar.

Measure your wrist with a piece of string to get a custom fit. I will also draw a divination charm for a little extra mojo.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Awaken Creativity – Serpentine and Sunstone, Awakening – Serpentine, Cleansing – Selenite, Cleansing Transformation – Selenite and Moldavite, Inspire Motivation – Apatite and Ametrine, Intuit Freedom – Shattuckite and Dragon Agate, Manifestation – Smoky Quartz, Meditative Storytelling – Lepidocrocite and Spider Web Agate, Mystic Journeying – Indigo Gabbro and Iolite, Passionate Co-Creation – Tangerine Quartz and Orange Kyanite, Playful Insight – Orange Calcite and Auralite, Playfulness – Orange Calcite, Potent Victory – Ruby Zoisite and Spinel, Presence – Prehenite, Receive Love – Sugilite and Rhodonite, Sizzling Originality – Golden Rutilated and Mossy Tourmalined Quartz, Vitality – Carnelian


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