Touchstone Workshop



The Enrichment Project began with designating a word, a desire, and writing it on a rock: these Touchstones sparked movement and reflections on qualities both present and absent. They rippled out into our lives like stones dropped into still water. This offering leads participants through meditation, journaling, and movement exercises to select a series of Touchstones. These form the basis for Radical Rituals that can be creatively incorporated into daily living.

Though we will spend time discussing stones and their qualities, a Touchstone doesn’t need to be a stone, per se. A Lego works just as meaningfully.

This Touchstone workshop can be structured to involve pre-work, including bringing objects from home to serve as Touchstones, or it can involve taking a walk together to identify elements within nature that reflect the qualities desired.

The ideal workshop lasts 1.5 hours to cover content, hold space for journaling and reflection, and conclude with discussion. It creates an excellent pause for integration after a multi-day event. Participants tend to continue the discussion long after the workshop ends; they retain more content and incorporate it more completely into their own lives.

Touchstone workshop can be held for two to twenty people in person or remotely. Participants will need a phone or laptop.


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