Witches Bridge Club Tarot Workshop



My husband Doug named this tarot workshop: “My mom gets together with some women to play bridge, and the tarot’s like a bridge, right?”  I love this, as the tarot has always been a tool for me. It connects disparate thoughts, bridges gaps to reveal my own patterns. Tarot doesn’t require memorizing a book or being “psychic;” it engages curiosity, creativity, and intuition: Expand your realm of the possible.

Witch Bridge covers the history, fundamentals, and rules of the game.  (Spoiler alert, there are no rules.) After watching a practice round halfway through the tarot workshop, players are invited to pair up and play a couple of rounds.  Several decks will be on hand; inspire the group by bringing yours! This whirlwind tour of archetypes pairs well with an offering of Radical Ritual readings at an event.

The ideal workshop lasts 1.5 hours, though I’ve discovered most participants prefer having an additional half hour for integration and cross talk. The format works for groups sized two to twenty, and it can be conducted remotely. Participants only need a phone or laptop.

I developed this offering to teach at events, but recently, groups of friends have contacted me about this as a circle-building activity. Those interactions have enriched us all, so I decided to price the workshop and encourage more serendipity.

You can also take this workshop at Soul Faire, September 3-7, 2020 in the beautiful Appalachian mountains.


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