Yoga Nidra: Breathe and Restore


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This offering beautifully complements a packed conference schedule, where participants might benefit from some self-care.  Yoga nidra is a deep meditation practice that mimics the stages of actual sleep; it’s like sleep with a trace of deep awareness that opens portals to your unconscious mind.  Swami Satyananda Saraswati is one of the first to have codified teachings from early Vedic literature into an eight stage practice.

After a brief history, participants are invited to sit or recline as they are led through a nidra in the classic framework that has been updated to playfully explore the act of breathing, drawing upon Donna Farhi’s inquiries into breathing states, and Blandine Calais-Germain’s anatomical visualizations.  There are no strenuous poses to hold, however, participants are encouraged to create an intention. Holding this mental focus at the beginning and end of the practice aids participants in absorbing this resolve at a cellular level.

The ideal workshop lasts 1.5 hours. That allows me to cover little history before the practice, and it gifts participants with some time to ease gently back into the default world. The yoga nidra practice itself is a full hour. Participants can join in person or remotely. I’ve conducted this in an office setting, at Burning Man, and for a bride-to-be the night before her wedding. When might you need some help with insomnia?


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