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Sister Circle Necklaces

Whenever our Sister Circle gathers, we are often treated to handmade necklaces by Jaidra DuRant to mark the occasion. Jaidra uses semi-precious stones, intricate copper wire wrapping, hand-stamped and glazed clay pieces, and leather to create warm, earthy, one-of-a-kind pieces.

You can support The Enrichment Project by taking home one of these lovingly-crafted pieces.

All necklaces come with an adjustable cord

Jaidra writes: “Inspiration is everywhere. I’ve termed my design philosophy ‘intricate simplicity.’ My pieces draw on my experiences as a dancer, hiker, ecologist, henna artist, and amateur nature photographer. I love to create art that is rich in detail and evocative of the seasons or the elements.”

Jaidra’s clay process begins with stamps she makes herself; she forms and glazes the amulets before stringing them with semi-precious gems, wood, bone, and leather.

Selecting this option also entitles you to receive a soft copy of three sample chapters from The Enrichment Project: Radical Rituals in Creative Living. This is also the lowest-tier option on the crowdfunding campaign that also offers advance copies of the book’s material.

Of the ten necklaces that Jaidra has graciously donated to this project, only six remain as of the time of this writing. Support the project and sit in Circle with us!

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