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Socially-Distant Networking with Christy Smith

I had the pleasure of joining Sadie Hawkins for an episode of Socially-Distant Networking, where we talked about creativity, confidence, rejection, improvisation, tarot reading, labyrinth walking, Burning Man, belly dancing, and so much more. Sadie’s an incredible interviewer, and our time sped by with moments of poignancy and lots of laughter. So sit down with a stack of laundry to fold—I’m serious!—and give it a watch.

After watching, I’d love for you to consider your own radical rituals, your own daily encounters with creativity. Has the world’s chaos completely upended your routine, or have all your days started to feel the same? I’d love to hear about it. Let’s talk about your creative process, from incubation to inspiration and perspiration to perfection.

What do you need most right now? Chances are high that it’s probably something difficult to have right now, but part of a truly effective radical ritual is how you can work with that need, even in its absence. In fact, that’s when we have an opportunity to be our most creative selves.

Follow Sadie and Socially-Distant Networking for more episodes and inspiration. Her handle may be @so_distant, but as far apart as we all feel right now, she’s bringing people together. “When we communicate, all we’re trying to do is resonate…”


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