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Start an Inspiration Conversation!

I began working on the basis of The Enrichment Project in 2010, and the mornings spent in my writing nook ever since have been legion.  With the first loving reader’s response from an editor pointing me towards another year of editing, I’m feeling the need for a little extra oomph to help me sustain the course.

So I thought I’d start an inspiration conversation.

If you share with me one of your creative practices– how you get inspired, how you keep going when the going gets tough– I will enter your name in a drawing to win a seat in the 2016 Birthing Ourselves into Being program.

(You should know that this year is the inaugural year for The Riverbed track for men, so everyone is welcome to participate.)

To enter, simply enter your practice into the comments below, or share your message on social media, tagging me to be sure I see it.  You have the rest of the month of December; I’ll draw the lucky winner’s name on New Year’s Day.

I’d love to begin an avalanche of positivity– for I suspect your words will affect more than just me– so please: Post as many entries as you wish!  Stack the creative cards in your favor!  Start an inspiration conversation!

We are Birthing Ourselves Into Being

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