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Stitch and Bitch

A few weekends ago, my dear friend Melissa convened a Stitch and Bitch gathering at her house. Jenny, Theresa, and I packed up our sewing and craft projects– and a few bottles of prosecco!– before heading to her house. We were only missing one of our charter members, Jenn, who’s left Atlanta for her home state of Iowa.

These gatherings have been taking place for well over a decade, as Melissa explains:

The Origins of Stitch and Bitch

In addition to wild soundtracks, personal confessions, and informal gab, we get shit done.

Most of my costumes over the years have benefited from this camaraderie.

My soul absolutely has.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without the friendship of these women, who have comforted me, left me wheezing from laughter, and educated me on the proper way to insert a zipper into a dress.

Melissa’s project this particular Stitch and Bitch was a set up curtains with her trademark pleats. Most of her work clothes are handmade dresses and skirts that usually feature these snappy, precise pleats that give each outfit such flair.

Melissa’s Nautical Curtains

Jenny cut out a pattern for a spectacular jacket (with pockets, of course!), and Theresa brought some mending to work on.

I remember Theresa’s hat from a themed party where guests were encouraged to dress up as their idea of “the end of the world.” Theresa came as Nuclear Winter, wearing this hat and a long white skirt, and she’d wrapped both in blue LED wire for an eerie effect!

Jenny’s Jacket with Pockets + Theresa’s Fur Hat

I spent the afternoon painting valentines, hoping to brighten a few mailboxes over the next few weeks. I try to come up with the most ridiculous puns I can find, because they make me guffaw. Things like: I’m soy into you, or you’re so romaine-tic.

And at the end of a Stitch and Bitch, my face hurts from laughing, my heart is full of the comfort of a Circle, and maybe I have a newly mended skirt or stack of valentines to show for it.

What creative Circles like this nourish *your* soul?

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