Experience the Journey, Practice the Patterns
Journey Patterns

The Enrichment Circle: Experience the Journey, Practice the Pattern

How have you been experiencing your journey, penned into this pandemic? Are you practicing those patterns that bring you the most joy? Is desire is fluttering within you? Does your skin itch like some sort of cocoon?  Teetering on the edge of my own transformation, I invite you to breathe into the experience and contemplate… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Experience the Journey, Practice the Pattern

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Walkers Welcome

The sign at Dancing Bear Labyrinth says: “Walkers Welcome.” The first time I encountered it, years ago, I stood in wonderment for long moments. How could someone simply invite random strangers into their yard? Gratitude overwhelmed me, but the feeling niggled that this was somehow an invasion of privacy. Fueled by an abundance of suddenly… Continue reading Walkers Welcome

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What’s the Origin of Creativity?

Towards the beginning of February, I had the opportunity to sit down with Gavin of the podcast What Origin? and chat about the Enrichment Project. This podcast explores the origins and motivations behind creativity, and I've enjoyed every single episode. Gavin asks insightful questions, leading our conversation from how the project began, to much further… Continue reading What’s the Origin of Creativity?

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The Enrichment Circle: Hilary

"Open cup or closed cup?" Hilary opens a phone call with these words, and I can hear her grinning. I've confessed to Hilary that she's my favorite processing partner, and it's mostly due to prompts like these that invite me to try out the words of my own story.