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The Enrichment Circle: Hilary

https://youtu.be/1Whnr8eBHbI Hilary's Rights and Assumptions "Open cup or closed cup?" Hilary opens a phone call with these words, and I can hear her grinning. Closed cup means that, after my turn elaborating on a topic I'm working with at the moment, I don't require any commentary or questions: I simply need a safe space to… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Hilary

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The Enrichment Circle: Majda

https://youtu.be/xcIdQPzXMf8 Majda: I Poet You Majda taught me about the sacred and the sacrifice. Driving up to a mountain retreat, the Harvest Moon nestled into the valleys between the peaks like an exclamation point, we wrestled with conceptions around time, space, and our own bodies. Majda explored why she felt so pulled up to the… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Majda

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The Enrichment Circle: Kate

https://youtu.be/Zct5thtLctc Kate: Speaking to Herself as Kindly as a Child I'm sort of beside myself, wondering how best to introduce Kate to you, because she's like another aspect of myself. A wiser, more motherly, sass-tastic aspect of myself. After being run over by a Mini Cooper in 2006, I enlisted Kate's help to rebuild my… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Kate

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The Touchstone of Compassion

https://youtu.be/-GDKUUZXFxI The Touchstone of Compassion When I hear the word compassion, my first thoughts dance around the act of offering it: offering someone compassion. There's always an object, a recipient of the compassionate act. And how rare it is that I am the object of my own compassion . . . The Touchstones of Circle… Continue reading The Touchstone of Compassion


The Enrichment Circle: Natalie

https://youtu.be/7SkmRXDx_JQ Natalie: Compassionate Queen of Misfit Toys I observed Natalie, watching a hafla afterparty in full swing. She'd just performed, and her kohl-rimmed eyes were still blazing, framed by a large feathered headdress. Natalie is accomplished, innovative, articulate, prolific, opinionated, and intense. And in that moment, she terrified me. I sidled up to her, trying… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Natalie

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Who has their shit together *all* the time?

You may think of me as someone who has her shit together. Corporate job. Amazing marriage. World travel. Oodles of time to create. It may surprise you to learn how much I struggle from day to day and breath to breath, because, apart from asking the universe for a good bad joke when life gets… Continue reading Who has their shit together *all* the time?

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The Enrichment Circle: Brandy

https://youtu.be/I6oN9CI0xho Cackles and Compassion Brandy and I met during a Donna Mejia workshop, and it was her honesty-- her raw, unformed questions about what we were learning-- that entranced me. It was her divine cackle that left me draped over my steering wheel, wiping away laugh-tears. It's probably simplest to say that Brandy brings joy… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Brandy

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The Touchstone of Circle

https://youtu.be/iGwjQ4AdKpM The Touchstone of Circle When I lay all seven Touchstones out, side-by-side, Circle is smack-dab in the center. In an ideal world, we would be able to have our shit figured out before we sit in Circle, and yet we wake up there, messy, in media res. My words jumble up in my throat,… Continue reading The Touchstone of Circle


The Enrichment Circle: DeAnna

https://youtu.be/4ZX1vcK4ua8 When DeAnna's infectious laugh reaches my ears, I am instantly at home. Once upon a time, I wound up in an intermediate American Tribal Style (ATS) workshop, led by Devyani Dance Company. I'd never studied the style, didn't understand the visual cues for the different moves, and had no idea how to "follow" another… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: DeAnna


The Enrichment Circle: Heidi

https://youtu.be/GjM65yXVfx4 Present for a few key conversations and openly sharing her choreographic process for DABDA, a piece built around the stages of grief, Heidi joined the Enrichment Circle several years in. Of course, she and I go WAY back. In fact, I couldn't record a short introduction for her, since our shared history is so… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Heidi