Hilary, Rewards, Tai Chi, The Enrichment Circle

The Enrichment Circle: Hilary

https://youtu.be/1Whnr8eBHbI Hilary's Rights and Assumptions "Open cup or closed cup?" Hilary opens a phone call with these words, and I can hear her grinning. Closed cup means that, after my turn elaborating on a topic I'm working with at the moment, I don't require any commentary or questions: I simply need a safe space to… Continue reading The Enrichment Circle: Hilary

Compassion, Touchstones

The Touchstone of Compassion

https://youtu.be/-GDKUUZXFxI The Touchstone of Compassion When I hear the word compassion, my first thoughts dance around the act of offering it: offering someone compassion. There's always an object, a recipient of the compassionate act. And how rare it is that I am the object of my own compassion . . . The Touchstones of Circle… Continue reading The Touchstone of Compassion

An Inquiry, Origins, Radical Ritual, Shadow Shes

Sitting in Circle with my Shadow Shes

https://youtu.be/_whERFJFn44 She Who Compares, competes . . . What does she need? As the Enrichment investigations moved offstage, I spent countless hours journaling about my own inner workings, my own mysteries. What prevents me from being creative? Why do I struggle so mightily-- usually with the voices in my own head-- over naming myself creative?… Continue reading Sitting in Circle with my Shadow Shes