A Book's Skeleton
Creativity, Integration, Intentions, Origins, Writing Textures


I've grown familiar with the human skeleton over the last 10 years; this book, however, has been a completely unknown animal.  Until Sunday night. A week and a half ago, I began outlining the basic structure across the floor, but I had not held or transcribed over half of the interviews.  Last weekend, I finished… Continue reading Skeletons

Creativity, Integration, Intentions, Origins, Radical Ritual, Writing Textures

So Much Sticky

My head tells me to begin this project with a solid thesis statement, topic sentences.  I ought to know my conclusion beforehand. And yet, this time, I don't. I'm trumping tradition by writing the middle sections first, observing how they hang together, with plans to add the opening and ending as if I were wrapping… Continue reading So Much Sticky