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The Enrichment Circle: Amanda

Amanda’s Shapes of the Day

When Amanda pins you with her piercing dark eyes, there’s simply no looking away. If Amanda had a fragrance, a friend reveals, it would be clove, jasmine, and cedar wood: Amanda’s energy does seem to waft out around her, wooded and deep.

Amanda is attuned to all the energies that dance and flow, and her Shape of the Day game is one I’ve incorporated into my own daily radical rituals. Playing it, Amanda seeks forms in the natural and man-made world that resonate to her emotions and thoughts– to what she truly wishes to express in this world. She absorbs that energy, looks for how it is replicated in the world, and maps it onto her movements in ways nothing short of mesmerizing.

Across this book’s narrative then, Amanda became the Mistress of Shape and Line, applying dreams to life, and life to dance, energetic ripples amplifying or canceling themselves out. With so much to express, Amanda operates at many levels, verbal and non-verbal. The games she invents are so integral to Amanda’s creativity because she must be playful with the process. Otherwise, the pressure mounts, tempers flare, and entire choreographies are lost.

Amanda’s Fledgling Story Arc: My Shape of the Day as I mapped out what I was truly learning

Amanda’s game prompted me to recognize and create my own shapes: a pen’s shadow across a meeting conference table connecting disparate thoughts, or the way my notes for this book began to circle and spiral into a more connected narrative.

In my own quest to sink deeper into the Present moment, Amanda’s games invite me into my own awareness, into being observer and not merely observed. There is power in this applied dreaming, and her practices have helped me hone my expression on so many different levels.

Amanda Mahde
Amanda: The Mistress of Shape and Line

You can learn more about Amanda at, where Amanda teaches modern and contemporary dance. She’s hosting a Cultural Dance Workshop on 2/9/19 to share Middle Eastern movement.

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