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The Enrichment Circle: Baraka

Baraka’s Seed of Life

Baraka’s work in the world, her counseling practices that emphasize the power of the Circle, have crystallized much of The Enrichment Project. She has authored several books on creativity and leads a year-long investigation into creativity called Birthing Ourselves into Being.

Baraka is the sort of person that I run to when I discover a new creative resource. Because she’s usually already studied with the person, or written about it, or dreamed about that exact thing the week prior. I remember when I found Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones. In Circle that week, I effused over Natalie’s zen approach to writing, whereupon Baraka shared her story of traveling to the Southwest and working with Natalie personally.

In her practice, Baraka draws upon every influence at her disposal; her work with thousands of people, facilitating thousands of circles over the years, brings a richness to every sentence she pens and every phrase she speaks. To put it frankly, this legacy inspires awe.

Hanging in my writing nook is a small tag, emblazoned with my name and the words “~ vital, sustained creativity ~.” She channeled these words for me the year I sat in her yearlong Birthing Ourselves into Being circle, face to face with a group of women who were strangers when we began, and sisters when the year ended. I draw upon the power of these words daily when I feel my own creative vitality begin to wane.

Over the near decade of this project, Baraka has undergone many metamorphoses. When the project began, she struggled with the Balance of attaining her clinical license as a psychotherapist, being a mother, and showing up for herself. And, as the years wore on, she struggled again with how the stolid clinical approaches compared to her deep and interconnected sense of Spirit.

Baraka has fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with New York City, which is where she now makes her home, connecting with the unseen, giving vintage postcards to strangers, musing on all things archetype + storytelling, and wondering *wtf will America do now?

We do not rejoice in winning. We all fall. And spring forth to glow brilliant again.

You can learn more about Baraka at Her existing books are available on Amazon, and her forthcoming book The Inner Circle will be available later in 2019.

You can support Baraka and The Enrichment project on Kickstarter.

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