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The Enrichment Circle: Brandy

Cackles and Compassion

Brandy and I met during a Donna Mejia workshop, and it was her honesty– her raw, unformed questions about what we were learning– that entranced me.

It was her divine cackle that left me draped over my steering wheel, wiping away laugh-tears.

It’s probably simplest to say that Brandy brings joy into my life.

Spinning Joy

Across the years of this project, Brandy questioned her definitions, her assumptions, her long-held beliefs. It takes courage to look unshrinkingly at out shadows; it takes character to make light of them. Brandy is one of those wild quantum particles who can exist in both states at the same time.

I love how Brandy’s easy banter cuts right to the heart of any situation, and it’s her plainspoken honesty that offers the true gift of witnessing her becoming.

Brandy’s becoming reminds me that I, too, am always spinning about,
always learning and growing. This is true Compassion.

Brandy: A Wild Quantum Particle of Joy
(Photo Credit: Stereo Vision Photography)

Brandy is an extraordinarily talented dancer, fire performer, and artist. Her polymer clay journals and switch plates combine her sense of whimsy with a dedication to color and texture. Brandy is currently studying for her architect’s license in South Carolina, bringing her savvy flair and keen eye to many of the beautiful new spaces in Greenville. You can learn more about Brandy at

Brandy is also offering two gorgeous rewards as a part of this book’s Kickstarter: Radical Ritual candles and Sigil journals. Support the project, and perhaps you can take home some of her limited-edition work.

Radical Ritual Candle for Compassion
Touchstone Sigil Journal for Compassion

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