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The Enrichment Circle: DeAnna

When DeAnna‘s infectious laugh reaches my ears, I am instantly at home.

Once upon a time, I wound up in an intermediate American Tribal Style (ATS) workshop, led by Devyani Dance Company. I’d never studied the style, didn’t understand the visual cues for the different moves, and had no idea how to “follow” another dancer using those cues in formation, let alone lead them!

And yet I found myself leading a formation at the front of the class, listening for DeAnna’s helpful whispers and delighted giggle behind me.

DeAnna and I share so many obsessions for unusual things like skeletons, getting up in the pre-dawn light, having a spreadsheet for everything, and communing with our psoas muscles.

Iliopsoas Theatre

We also both grew up with the weird belief that none of these things were creative. DeAnna journaled hard about the prompts in The Enrichment Project. She changed careers, the city she calls home, and even stepped outside of her familiar ATS comfort zone across the course of this project.

It’s thrilling to see her combine her different obsessions into something new, something completely DeAnna. She runs Prana Dance Company out of Portland, OR, and if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll get to join her limited and highly-anticipated Alignment of ATS class in Portland at Datura Dance Studio this July! Tickets went on sale on February 15th, 2019!

DeAnna: Breathing Back Into Her Bliss
(Photo Credit: Studio Jaki)

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