Experience the Journey, Practice the Patterns
Journey Patterns

The Enrichment Circle: Experience the Journey, Practice the Pattern

How have you been experiencing your journey, penned into this pandemic? Are you practicing those patterns that bring you the most joy? Is desire is fluttering within you? Does your skin itch like some sort of cocoon? 

Teetering on the edge of my own transformation, I invite you to breathe into the experience and contemplate your journey: Where are you coming from? Where would you like to be?

The Enrichment Project began when I asked to pester a group with questions about their creative processes for a year. Those discussions have raged for over a decade now. We were completely unprepared for the impact this would have (is still having) on our lives. 

As dancers, musicians, aerialists, artists, and writers, we deconstructed our performance-bound processes, following our muses, this thread of creativity, offstage and into our lives as partners, mothers, businesswomen, and spiritual beings. What did we discover?

Creativity is catalyst and inspiration, healing and improvisation, problem-solving and innovation. Creativity is life.

I’ve written a book with journal prompts about our journeys in creating radical rituals for creative living, and I’ve decided to release the stories as a series to a select group of readers because I believe today’s challenges require creativity.

Is the The Enrichment Circle right for you? The year-long program, which will kick off on June 21st, includes access to a private forum to enrich what the journal prompts bring up for you.

This medicine was created in a circle, and it’s the perfect delivery for the magic. 

And magic’s exactly what it feels like sometimes.

What do I desire most to learn? Portable practices that transform even the briefest breath in a breakneck day into moments that crackle with enough light to illuminate the ground around me. Within this container, part of my pattern becomes clear. Laughing and crying, I flow like quicksilver around the now-obvious impacts of my revelation. In this moment, I can alter my trajectory.

The clarity of this intention, this altered trajectory, dims over time without the practice of it, just like any other new language. Practice is the key. Teejei describes how she forgets these crystalline connections completely, then remembers, then forgets again: “It’s not always easy until it is.”

The Enrichment Project invites those ways of being back into your body, into your everyday parlance.

The more creative your rituals for remembering these touchstones, the more potent your transmutations. The more complete your integrations. 

From the itchy edges of my own cocoon, I can see your potential energy, poised at the threshold of change. I want to witness it: Please consider this post your engraved invitation.

Would you like to build your own resilient practices, your own radical rituals for creative living?

Join us to experience your full-spectrum journey, to practice those patterns that enrich you the most

Name your desire along with us and commit to change. Sign up for the circle that matches the support you need to transform. 

  • Earth and Fire: Catch the spark from regular inspiration, then get grounded with a practice to try on your own. Ease into transformation with access to key themes, thought-provoking journal prompts, and monthly radical rituals to try. Always free and always ad-free.
  • Water and Air: Go deep with exclusive access to book chapters and process your journey with writing assignments, rituals, bonus content, meetups, and a private community to facilitate your own transformations. Convenient monthly or discounted up-front price includes everything in the previous circle.
  • Aether: Connect with your own intentions through a tarot reading where we will design a radical ritual together. Enjoy creative accountability, juicy conversations where lines blur, perspectives overlap, and assumptions get overturned. An additional forum will offer a deep space for processing more aetherial practices. This offer is limited to twelve recipients, and discounted 12-month price includes everything in previous circles.

Take off in hot pursuit of your muse. Weave creativity into every corner of your life, yes, even the laundry. Practice the skills that awaken your best self. Become an everyday creative who inspires. 

What enriches you?

Ask yourself the big questions and really listen to your own responses

The Enrichment Project: Experience the Journey, Practice the Pattern

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