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The Enrichment Circle: Heidi

Present for a few key conversations and openly sharing her choreographic process for DABDA, a piece built around the stages of grief, Heidi joined the Enrichment Circle several years in.

Of course, she and I go WAY back. In fact, I couldn’t record a short introduction for her, since our shared history is so fun and so intertwined with family, dance, and culture.

Here’s our first performance together with SalsATLANTA in August, 2000. And you know this footage is old because my hair is blonde. Also dancing with us is Victor, one of my first Cuban salsa teachers and Heidi’s father.

Christy, Heidi, (and even Heidi’s father, Victor!)

I call Heidi “Tradition’s Translator” because she is always investigating the overlaps and intersections between all of her different communities and cultures. Heidi teaches salsa, belly dance, and the canon of ballet, jazz, and tab to adorable kids she calls “her dance nuggets.”

For many years, Heidi sat uncomfortably with so many influences, feeling like she never completely belonged to any of them, but she has begin looking in the mirror at all of her reflections, learning how to communicate her strength as this unique blend of traditions.

Heidi: Tradition’s Translator
(Photo Credit: Studio Jaki)

You can learn more about Heidi at, and you can support Heidi and The Enrichment project on Kickstarter.

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