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The Enrichment Circle: Jaia

A hug from Jaia is a thing of wonder. She waits, listens, heart-to-heart, until your breathing begins to synchronize. She invites you to be present in the moment, with another human being, with yourself.

One of Jaia’s superpowers is being able to create a patch of sacred space anywhere. She loves powerful places in nature– Tennessee’s Little River, a Santorini caldera– but she can pace off a gravel parking lot, ask everyone to hold hands, inspire us all to take a deep breath, and, suddenly, it’s the most mystical patch of earth on the Earth.

Beauty and I

Jaia’s Enrichment journey asked her to inquire deeply about Balance. As a mother, teacher, partner, and dancer, Jaia also worked multiple jobs across the course of the project, often at the same time, and she framed the need to do all of the things for all of the people as an agonizing stream of choices: “In 30 minutes, I can: Cook a meal, or pee and take a shower, or fold laundry, or do some yoga.”

Jaia began to consider what appropriate amounts of time might be for certain activities. She organized family laundry-folding activities while a movie played instead of shouldering the burden herself. She began to consider the exponential nature of time, and how 15 minutes on her yoga mat can help improve her mood across an entire day.

Spirit also defined Jaia’s journey. She discovered across the years that she resonates to sacred dance traditions from around the world, as opposed to a more technical approach to the artform. As a result, Jaia has begun studying deeply with Shiva Rea and allowing the depth of her yoga practice to flow and inform her movement, opening her heart to the divine.

Jaia: Opening Her Heart to the Divine
(Photo Credit: Sara Blair Photography)

You can learn more about Jaia at, and Jaia is sponsoring a phenomenal mountain retreat called Resonance in the Mountains in June.
I’ll be there, and you can join us the ancient soil of the East Tennessee Appalachian Mountains for a unique and ecstatic journey of creative practices, ritual craft, and the sacred path of self discovery.

Jaia is also offering an in-person (geography-willing) or distance reiki session for one lucky supporter of The Enrichment Project. I’ve been the recipient of her work, and I highly encourage you to click the button below and nab that session!

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