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The Enrichment Circle: Kate

Kate: Speaking to Herself as Kindly as a Child

I’m sort of beside myself, wondering how best to introduce Kate to you, because she’s like another aspect of myself.

A wiser, more motherly, sass-tastic aspect of myself.

After being run over by a Mini Cooper in 2006, I enlisted Kate’s help to rebuild my strength and my confidence. She kicked my ass by making me run hills, sling kettle bells, and experiment with virtually every sit-up variation ever invented. She marked my progress and shouted encouragements that made me try even harder to break my personal records. Kate got me to try aerial lyra, and together, we trained with another member of the Enrichment Circle, Nancy.

And in the midst of all this physical activity, we conversed for literal hours about anatomy, ethics, morality, personal development, and, of course, creativity.

When it came to creativity, we also talked a lot about those destructive voices in our heads that say the absolute worst things. “I just wanna give that voice a cookie!” Kate lamented one sweltering afternoon.

And then Kate moved to Seattle to pursue her dreams of becoming a healer. She studied naturopathy at Bastyr, then enrolled in the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine to study Chinese herbology and acupuncture. Instead of a cookie, Kate opted for a more rooted concoction.

Kate, Mixing Up Some Chinese Herbs for ME on HER Birthday

The years of the Enrichment Project have been a crucible for Kate. School depleted her creative energy, which felt as wan as the Seattle sky in the winter. In one of her darkest hours, Kate set out photos of all of her ancestors, trying to connect with her mother line, with the mother inside her, so that she could learn how to be kinder in her own head.

And then Kate gave birth to her glorious daughter Charlie and moved cross-country again, this time to Chattanooga, where she is offering acupuncture and also getting a nursing degree. When we get the chance to run around on the playground where we used to hang our lyras, guerrilla aerialists looking for a place to rig, our conversation is punctuated by Charlie’s exclamations, Kate’s kind voice trailing after her: “Make good choices, Charlie!”

Kate: Courageously Charging the Unknown

The photo Kate chose to accompany this project shows her outrageous verve. Her utter abandon. Her courageous charge into the unknown, making good choices as best as she knows how. You can learn more about Kate at And by supporting this project, you will get to learn more about how Kate cultivates her own kindness. Perhaps it will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.

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