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The Enrichment Circle: Natalie

Natalie: Compassionate Queen of Misfit Toys

I observed Natalie, watching a hafla afterparty in full swing. She’d just performed, and her kohl-rimmed eyes were still blazing, framed by a large feathered headdress.

Natalie is accomplished, innovative, articulate, prolific, opinionated, and intense.

And in that moment, she terrified me.

I sidled up to her, trying to find the right words to express how her performance had moved me, and we fell easily into a conversation that skipped from birds to sculptors, and from music to fragrance.

As intense as Natalie comes across, she has a goofy, vulnerable interior. She grew up a military brat, making friends (or not) every few years, becoming accustomed to being the misfit. And so it’s no surprise that she draws to her other misfits, doles out some feathers, and welcomes their odd and unsung talents into the circus spotlight of appreciation.


The near decade of The Enrichment Project saw massive changes for Natalie. She weathered serious injuries, the dissolution of troupes, a cross-country move, an aerial training program, and the incubation of a new company: the Phantom Circus.

And throughout, Natalie spoke candidly about her success and failures, how she lets her pendulum swing back and forth, seeking the right Balance, and how she chips away at the clunk in her life to find the vision she’s known was there all along.

Natalie: Compassionate Queen of Misfit Toys
(Photo Credit Scott Bilby)

When friends first heard about The Enrichment Project, Natalie was the person they most had questions about, and the question I was asked most was: Why does Natalie do what she does? Not how, mind you, by why. By supporting The Enrichment project on Kickstarter, you can learn about her answer to this question and much more.

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