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The Enrichment Circle: Teejei

Teejei’s Artwork Adorns my Fridge

When it comes to introducing the women who make up this Enrichment Circle, Teejei is the logical first choice. So many of the chapters in the book– like “The Upper GI of Creativity” and “Dancing on Scar Tissue”– come from colorful statements she’s made in my earshot. She utters them casually, these non-sequiturs, and then I spend literal years teasing apart their meaning.

Even more centrally, Teejei is lending her considerable skills to designing seven sigils, one for each of the Touchstones that group this book: Desire Presence, Balance, Circle, Compassion, Spirit, and Integration.

Touchstone Sigils
Touchstone Sigils

Over the course of this book’s narrative, which spans just shy of a decade, Teejei’s creative trajectory shifts dramatically, from graphic designer to tattoo artist, where she delights in her role as storykeeper / teller. Instrumental to her journey are the lessons of a Circle, and the ways in which we create sacred space for one another, and those of self-Compassion, where we transform our stories in order to transcend them.

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Teejei: Tall Wings Taking Flight

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