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The Enrichment Circle: Theresa

Theresa: Full-Time Manifester

Events in Theresa’s life timed perfectly with the advent of The Enrichment Project. As the Circle coalesced, Theresa took to the road, leaving a lucrative IT career to become a tour manager for international musicians and artists.

We dubbed Theresa our “full-time manifester” for the fearless way she pinpointed and realized her dreams. Theresa is not afraid of the unknown; she marches straight into the flames of any crisis to quell a near-disaster.


Despite these magnificent skills, over the course of this book’s narrative– which spans just shy of a decade– Theresa doubted they could ever be creative. You see, she grew up believing that spreadsheets, logistics– and herself by extension– were too left-brained to be considered creative. Claiming her creativity in the routes she plans and the crises she quells was a revolution in rebalancing those ingrained assumptions.

You can learn more about Theresa on LinkedIn.

Theresa in the Lyra
Theresa: Full-Time Manifester

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