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The Enrichment Store Opens for Business

All sorts of seemingly unrelated tasks accompany writing a book: researching contracts, learning to SEO, opening a digital store. After a few inquiries about leftover necklaces or candles from the Kickstarter, I realized I couldn’t postpone this last daunting task any longer.

And now, the Enrichment store has a beautifully diverse selection of goods and services available, including workshops for the adventurous. Click into the categories, or browse through the store above. Shop local!

Body Care

Handmade is the best made. Arnica cream, salt scrub, and facial tonic will add a sweetness to your daily care and self-care rituals. These are tried and true recipes that I use myself.


Over the the last 20 years, I have accumulated, adapted, and handcrafted hundreds of costume pieces. So many of these are beautiful pieces that I simply never wear anymore, but I’d love to see them given new life onstage!


After several years of studying herbs and their properties, I’ve crafted incense blends for each of the the seven touchstones I hold so dear: Desire, Presence, Balance, Circle, Compassion, Spirit, and Integration. These are very limited in quantity.


In addition to the gorgeous sigil necklaces and limited edition gemstone bracelets that began the core of this Enrichment Store, I’ve also shared a number of pieces that I have handcrafted or collected across the years.

Radical Ritual Tarot

I began working with the tarot at a very young age, and it is a tool that never fails to enlighten, intrigue, and challenge me with new perspectives. You can read more about my approach to readings here, and book a session with me right through the store. Remote readings are just as effective as in-person sessions!

Touchstone Sigils

Teejei Brigham has designed seven sigils to represent each Touchstone within the Enrichment Project: Desire, Presence, Balance, Circle, Compassion, Spirit, and Integration. These sigils have been transformed into candles, necklaces, and stickers. Use them to re-mind yourself of your best self, moment by moment and day after day.

Treasures in Search of New Homes

Call it a destash…these treasures come from around the world or were handmade in my own living room. They all have a story. I love collecting treasures – you might say it’s a particular skill of mine – but I don’t need to hoard them. These lovelies are too brilliant to languish at the back of a closet or jewelry box!


While I have listed multiple workshop offerings on this site, I’ve decided to experiment with offering a few of them through my store. Why not gather a group of friends for an afternoon, instead of committing to a full weekend? And because all of these work for remote participants, we are only bound by time, not space.

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