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The Touchstone of Desire


Though I’ve named them Touchstones, these seven treasures, I didn’t begin by designating a stone for each one.  This alignment grew naturally over time.

Years into the Enrichment Project, about the time the project seems to have stagnated, weighing me down, I decide to reconnect with my Desire, with why I started the project in the first place. From a bowl of stones next to my front door, I select a red tiger’s eye to represent my wish for change.

I carry the tiger’s eye around with me, typing with it tucked between two fingers, lamenting a lack of pockets. 

I thumb the worn, saddle-like groove, turning over the chatoyant bands as if they’ve been etched with the answers.

I sit with the tension of feeling like I am beginning again, and I sit with the tension between transformation and transmutation, between changing the surface and stirring revolution in the depths. 

The Enrichment Project is a story of my Desire, and how it changes me.

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