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Touchstone Sigil Stickers

Teejei is designing the most amazing sigils to accompany each of the seven Touchstones of the book: Desire, Presence, Balance, Circle, Compassion, Spirit, and Integration. And by supporting the project, you can select some of them to be printed onto clear, die-cut stickers.

Touchstone Sigils

Teejei’s process fascinates me. It begins with the two of us bantering back and forth across a myriad of topics drawn from the chapters for a given Touchstone. This conversation is punctuated by songs it becomes necessary for us to play, bizarre internet searches for some tidbit of esoterica, pulling a Tarot card or three, and other assorted merriment. Half a bookshelf’s pilfered contents will be spread across every available surface.

I might read a chapter aloud while Teejei scans reference material to find inspiration for clouds that also appear as smoke in her mind’s eye. She roughs out a sketch in pencil, then digitizes it to her tablet computer, where she uses a stylus to trace the elements into a vector image.

To speed up rendering, she will also add in other layers, like the Chartres labyrinth design reflected in the mirror of Desire, without needing to trace them by hand. Removing the pencil layer from the digital file, Teejei begins experimenting with color blocking and shading.

This process is very similar to the one she follows when designing a tattoo for someone, except it gets printed to transfer paper, then buzzed into skin.

Spirit, Circa 2015

In fact, one of Teejei’s clients fell in love with the nautilus shell of Spirit. I haven’t worked up the nerve yet, but I’ll contact when I do!

So until then, I’ll double down on some stickers! Support The Enrichment Project and take home some of Teejei’s amazing artwork.

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