Women of Enrichment | Photo Credit: The Dancer's Eye
Gratitude, The Enrichment Circle

Who are the Enrichment Circle?

These women are glamorous, articulate, and opinionated. They’re dancers, musicians, visual artists, aerialists, and circus performers who capture my very imagination.

Towards the end of 2010, I ask if I can “follow” them for a year, asking questions about their creative processes.  I figure that after the year is up, this entire creativity thing will become blindingly obvious; I’ll emerge with a pick-up line my muse can’t resist, and we’ll just dance off into the sunset together.  Or something equally improbable. 

Christy, Brandy, Jaia, and Teejei

(Photo Credit: Carrie Meyer of The Dancers Eye)

To my surprise, these fourteen amazing creatures are human after all.  Their creative lives are not so effortless; we have walked—are still walking—similar paths.  And across the years this Circle has enriched my definition of creativity, taking it far beyond the stage where we started.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing each woman, welcoming her– and you– into this Enrichment Circle.

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