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Who has their shit together *all* the time?

You may think of me as someone who has her shit together.

Corporate job. Amazing marriage. World travel. Oodles of time to create.

It may surprise you to learn how much I struggle from day to day and breath to breath, because, apart from asking the universe for a good bad joke when life gets really dire, I don’t ask for things. I put on a brave face. I look on the bright side, and when there’s no bright side to be found, I go dig out my headlamp and set up camp for the night around my own tiny source of light.

It looks like I’ve got everything handled because I do a reasonably competent job of giving off that impression. I’m one of those annoyingly self-sufficient people who doesn’t ask others for things. In fact, I’m terrible at asking for help. It gives me a classic case of a social hangover.

Detail of She Who Competes

So, as you might imagine, putting together this crowdfunding campaign has been terribly awkward. Especially as recent family expenses have made it imperative that I make the campaign goal.

This entire process has asked me to confront my own assumptions and perceptions. It forces me to look in the mirror and remind myself that I am not a failure for needing to ask for financial assistance to realize my dreams. It prods me into the realization that I need to practice the delicate art of receiving.

It also reminds me that my true goal with this campaign stems from a place of abundance.

I want to share this book with the world because I believe the riches from this work can change lives.

When I started this project, I thought the women I invited to participate had their shit together, only to discover that they struggle as mightily as I do.

After almost a decade of active inquiry into the topic of creativity, I believe we have distilled down lessons and tools into Radical Rituals that are portable and meaningful. I believe in their ability to transcend the dance community. I believe they are valuable no matter your age or gender.

I’ve now had enough conversations with people outside the Enrichment Circle to know that these themes resonate, rippling far beyond us. This abundance begs to be shared with the world.

The Publication Journey

And you can help make that possible. As of today, the manuscript is done, and I’m working with an amazing editor– Ali Shaw of Indigo Editing— to make the book as beautiful and compelling as possible. I’m beginning the query process with agents and publishers, which will eventually lead to a printed copy of The Enrichment Project. And this book will be a Touchstone that you and I can leaf through to remind ourselves of our best selves on those really dark days.

The Kickstarter runs through March 15, and I’m asking for your support to make this book a reality.

You can help by clicking the teal button below and choosing from one of the amazing rewards offered. If you’d like me to teach a class or make something that’s not listed as a reward– message me and let’s talk.

And if your bank balance inspires as much dismay as mine has lately, that’s okay. Let’s inspire abundance together by burning a bay leaf. Boosting the signal by sharing the campaign with a friend also helps. Especially if that friend is in the publishing industry!

This has been one of the most challenging blog posts I’ve written so far, and I’ve revised it a frillion times, hesitating over the publish button, the feeling of an impending social hangover gripping my guts.

But the lessons of Circle remind me to take the risk of being imperfect, to be vulnerable and ask for what I need. Because, after all, who has their shit together all the time?

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