Bread and Salt

…or in other words, welcome.  When I began the Enrichment Project over a decade ago, creativity meant performing.  By pestering a group of other talented women, I hoped to “just figure this creativity thing out” in about a year or so.  We sat down to meals, exchanged bread and salt, and then the real stories began to emerge.

We were so woefully unprepared for the transformations that would follow, but I am overjoyed by the discovery of radical rituals that have changed my understanding of what it means to live a creative life.

What enriches you?

Join the circle to experience the journey, practice the pattern, and transmute your reality

“I’ve been so moved by the vulnerability in a sister I’d never met face-to-face before. The empowerment in the stories she told.”

Jaia Mara, of Jaia Mara Sacred Dance | Enrichment Project Participant


“My experience of getting a Radical Ritual Reading from Christy was full of pleasant surprises. First pleasant surprise was how well the session went, considering that it was done remotely. I live literally on the other side of the world from her. Even with all the technological help for the real time video chat and all, I was unsure how the session would feel, or how satisfying her reading would come out to be.

Well, as soon as we got connected online, Christy put me at ease, with her radiant smile and her positive tone. We had not spoken for quite a while, yet we started chatting right away as if we’d never been away from each other.

Another pleasant surprise was Christy’s in-depth knowledge. She knew a lot of details about the Tarot card I selected, and applied her knowledge skillfully to interpret the meanings of the card as they pertains to my inquiry.

The same with her vision from her shamanic journey. She explained what she saw, what they symbolize, and how she interprets their meanings to my particular inquiry.

Perhaps the most interesting of the pleasant surprises is how I felt after the session. It was this very satisfying and cleansing feeling, as if I had shared with her all of my private thoughts and emotions. This was so surprising to me, because I never divulged much details surrounding my inquiry to her!

The video of our session is such a treasure for me now. I get to watch it and renew the senses and positive spirit of our session, which helps me with my own ritual that incorporates the Tarot card and the Touchstone she sent me. Thank you, Christy, for your service! I hope many others will benefit from it as I did.”

Misako C., Radical Ritual Tarot client