Bread and Salt

…or in other words, welcome.  When I began the Enrichment Project over a decade ago, creativity meant performing.  By pestering a group of other talented women, I hoped to “just figure this creativity thing out” in about a year or so.  We sat down to meals, exchanged bread and salt, and then the real stories began to emerge.

We were so woefully unprepared for the transformations that would follow, but I am overjoyed by the discovery of radical rituals that have changed my understanding of what it means to live a creative life.

What enriches you?

Join the circle to experience the journey, practice the pattern, and transmute your reality

“Everyone will find someone in this book who could be a mentor.”

Natalie Brown, Director of The Phantom Circus, and Enrichment Project Participant


“Actually, readers don’t need to know anything about me. This will be more about the story of their lives. What inspiration they take, the practices they enhance.”

Amanda Mahde, dancer and choreographer with Momentum Dance Labs, and Enrichment Project Participant