Bread and Salt

or in other words, welcome.  When I began the Enrichment Project in 2011, creativity meant performing.  By pestering eleven other talented women, I hoped to “just figure this creativity thing out” in about a year or so.  We sat down to meals, exchanged bread and salt, and then the real stories began to emerge.

I was so woefully unprepared for the transformations that would follow, but I am overjoyed by the discovery of radical rituals that have changed my understanding of what it means to live a creative life.

“I was fortunate to receive a reading from Christy Smith last summer and it was an experience that both awakened my spirit and refreshed my outlook on life. Christy put me at ease the entire time and afterwards I left with a new appreciation for aspects of life I had previously dismissed or buried. Months later I still find myself utilizing some of the things that we talked about and am appreciative that I decided to try something new. “

Shannon B.


“Just hearing how another woman has used her creativity inspires me towards using what’s in my own toolbox.”

Baraka Elihu, psychotherapist + writer at Hold Sacred Space, and Enrichment Participant